Introducing a very special guest, Andrea Stephenson

Those of you who’ve visited in the last couple of weeks will have met and enjoyed reading my first guest, Roy McCarthy. Roy has kindly featured one of my posts on his own blog, Back on the Rock. If you’d like to learn more about my home town and how it inspires me, please pay a visit. And while you’re there, I hope you’ll take some time to explore Roy’s writing.

Back On The Rock

I am delighted to welcome the talented Andrea Stephenson to Back on the Rock. Those of you that know her blog Harvesting Hecate will already know her evocative writing inspired by nature and the world about us, not to mention her expert photography.

Newcastle upon Tyne is in the north-east of England. A little to the east is the port town of North Shields. This is Andrea’s home town and her inspiration. Be sure to pop over to Andrea’s blog and treat yourself by following it.

Click on the pics to enlarge and get the great detail

I was a little nervous when Roy asked me to write what is my first guest post on his blog.Β  But when I thought about some of the wonderful pieces he writes on the area he calls home, I knew that the area in which I live could provide some interesting stories of…

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19 thoughts on “Introducing a very special guest, Andrea Stephenson

  1. Lovely to read more about your home area, Andrea – it’s a place I’d like to visit and see for myself someday.
    Thanks Roy for giving Andrea the space to do some travel writing in her wonderful writing style πŸ™‚


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