October’s Guest Storyteller, Andrea Stephenson

This week you can read my first piece of flash fiction over at Sarah Potter Writes. Sarah writes speculative fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, but her blog is an eclectic delight of fiction, haiku, photographs and more. Thanks so much to Sarah for inviting me to be her October guest storyteller. Please let me know what you think of the story and check out some of Sarah’s other posts.

Sarah Potter Writes

Andrea StephensonAndrea Stephenson writes fiction, including short stories and The skin of a selkie, her first (as yet unpublished) novel. She finds inspiration in nature, the coastline and the turn of the seasons. During the day, Andrea is a libraries manager, but by night she is a writer, artist and witch. 

Her story below is inspired by the activities of the Order of the White Feather, an organisation active in World War One, with the purpose of shaming men into enlisting by encouraging women to present them with a white feather.



Her friends giggled as they nudged her forward so that she could present him with the feather.  He accepted it as if it were a gift, blushing and looking at the ground.  Her friends couldn’t know about the balmy days that they’d shared as children.  They couldn’t know that as a young woman she’d cherished his…

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35 thoughts on “October’s Guest Storyteller, Andrea Stephenson

  1. Just popped over to Sarah’s and read your flash. As usual, great writing, Andrea. If you don’t get a bite from an agent/publisher soon for your novel it just proves one thing: they’re all idiots. Go the self publishing route – we all want to read your book 😉


  2. One of the great things about reading other bloggers is to learn so much from them. I didn’t know about the White Feather during WWI and find the idea cruel. Flash fiction is a hard genre but you do a good job at painting a short but effective scene here, Andrea. The feelings are there and the restrain gives them even more strength. Sad and beautiful.


  3. Wonderful flash Andrea, congratulations! I’ve commented over on Sarah’s blog too 🙂 As you know, I’ve recently discovered a love of writing flash. Being a memoirist by nature, writing fiction is a huge jump for me and I freeze at the thought of writing it but flash helps me overcome that. I look forward to reading more from you…and I also can’t wait to read your book 🙂


      • Ahh..thank you Andrea, but you are very kind. I wouldn’t call yours a fluke..although they can so often be quite exciting….but more like the beginning of many more wonderful flashes to come 🙂


  4. short and powerful Andrea 🙂 very well done. I have had to read a lot about WWI including several novels and short stories for research (for my first novel -the one that now lies gathering dust in a bottom drawer). I have to agree with an earlier comment you made – it still makes me angry too.


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