The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Andrea

I was delighted to be asked to become one of Britt Skrabanek’s posse of life enthusiasts over at ‘A physical perspective’. Britt is life enthusiasm personified so it’s an honour to be featured on her blog as part of this series. So, if you’d like to know my secret to staying enthusiastic about life, head over to Britt’s place and take a look at her wonderful writing while you’re there.

Britt Skrabanek

Last month John Grant, aka Meticulous Mick, shared the importance of nature, travel, and culture to make one feel truly alive. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, fantastic humans from all over the world explain why life is so incredible to them.

Today I’m excited to present Andrea Stephenson of Harvesting Hecate to you all. Andrea’s blog exudes mysticism and playfulness and is always a phenomenal one to read. Often I feel that I am seeing the world like a child again when I read her posts. She marvels at the world around her, especially mother nature, and her beautiful way with words shines brightly every time. This gal’s been on my list of Life Enthusiast prospects for some time, so I’m pleased to finally have her over.

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Wow us, Andrea…

bird in meadow

When Britt asked me to contribute to her life enthusiast series, I thought:…

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